Friday, September 05, 2008

Sam Sparro

This June, during our trip to Ireland, we heard the same song on the radio a number of times, and we loved it! Sadly, I have yet to hear it on the radio here, because it's a great song! (Well, I've heard it through BBC-1 on Sirius, but that's not an American station. Apparently, the corporate radio powers here in America haven't blessed him yet.)

I'm talking about Black & Gold by Sam Sparro. If you haven't heard it, just go here. Assuming this one doesn't get deleted, like the video I shared in my last post, you can watch the video for this song.

And we loved his music even before we knew what he looks like...

Buy this man's music!


ATG said...

oh i like that song!

Birdie said...

Hey, Jess, I've been peeking in your window for a while now. May I come in?

This song is great! But you already know that. I noticed that the rating is a solid five stars—with over 12,000 votes! The boy's got a hit on his hands.

knottyboy said...

I've had this song for a month now and use it on my walks.

Found it on iTunes.