Thursday, September 18, 2008

A big tree and rugby photos

In front of our house is a tree older than either of us. I grew up with that tree. It's a huge maple, about 80 feet tall, but the poor old thing has been dying. Its highest branches have been bare of leaves, and it has dropped some large chunks of itself in the yard and street. It has other issues, as well, so we called the town and asked them to take a look at it. They did, and they confirmed that it's diseased. Today, a town contractor began the process of taking it down.

It has to go. Better this way than to have a storm bring it down on our house (or a neighbor's house). Still, I'm sad to see it go. It has been a fixture here--and in my life. I'll certainly get over its demise, but it's sad.

Okay, enough of that. On to happier things... rugby! Time to share some photos (as always, click on them for larger versions)...

Parts of the pitch were wet. That's why you'll see some splashing in a few photos.

Think maybe he got hurt when he was tacked? You'd be right.

Fortunately, he was able to get back up, so it appears he wasn't badly injured.

One of the new guys on our team

That will do for now. Besides, I have to get ready to go back to work. I came home early today, so I can change into my tuxedo. Tonight starts our annual Employee Appreciation Day. We start with the evening shift and run festivities around the clock, so that everyone can enjoy it.

This year, we're doing a sort of Oscars-themed event, recognizing our employees as the "stars" of the hospital. We even have a red carpet. So, as the head of HR, I not only have to be there, but I'm going to don my tuxedo and greet our "stars" as the come down the red carpet. It should be fun, but I started my day at the usual time today and may have to stay there until midnight! This is a long day!


Peter said...

What a nice initiative, Employee Appreciation Day and the theme is great too.

But who's getting the oscars, or are they bed-pans?

Jess said...

Peter: Actually, we were giving out something better... tons of raffle prizes (gift cards, DVD players, iPods, etc.)! Also, we had some major events at the hospital recently, and we videotaped employees during those events and set things up to play snippets of them on screens during Employee Appreciation Day (their "movie clips"). Really, just walking them in on a red carpet had huge grins on most faces! I'm heading back in shortly in my tux for more greeter duty!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Yaaay rugby photos! Nice job.

I know it can be sad when an old tree has to be cut down, to think it grew when our grand parents were young people running. Living history some growing well over a hundred years and with a few seconds of using a saw, it is all over.

ATG said...

The fourth picture down reminded me of Twister for some reason. I thought "right foot, red" when I saw it. :)

Too bad about the tree. Perhaps you can plant a new one in its place?

Jess said...

STIM: Thanks, and yes, it does feel like a piece of history. It was a witness to my parents buying the place, me and my brothers coming home from the hospital and so much more. It definitely was time for it to go, but it still isn't easy to see that big empty space there!

ATG: Yes, full contact Twister, with paramedics standing by (literally)! And on the tree subject, we plan to plant a new one.

Greg said...

I didn't realize you were living in a long-term family house, Jess. That's so cool to have the link to your history. Sorry to hear about the tree...they become big old friends when we aren't even looking, and then suddenly, they are gone.

Hope you find something just right to replace it!

Great Rug shots, as always!!