Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to Moose!

Yes, today is Mandy's birthday (sometimes knows as "Moose"). She's aging nicely, I think. As of today, she is 9 years old.

She spent much of the day relaxing. Here we see her on her couch (also known as Bernice's couch)...

While Mandy relaxed, Marc baked a cake...

...and prepared icing...

Marc and the frosted cake

If you're wondering what kind of cake the kids like, well, just about any, but this is a doggy birthday party favorite. It's a peanut butter cake!

Cutting the cake

It wasn't a surprise party, so the kids knew to gather as the cake was being cut...

Dodger waits to help celebrate Mandy's birthday.

Bernice also waits to celebrate.

The birthday girl enters the kitchen.

Mandy gives the cake a sniff.

Looks like it's going to get her approval!

Note her dainty eating. She's always a lady!

Dodger grudgingly agrees to sample a piece.

As you can see, Mandy learned her fine eating habits from Bernice.

Apparently, the cake was acceptable, since Mandy went back for more, and she's a very picky eater!


Marc said...

Geez, I look ragged, but the pictures are good, nevertheless.

It was a fun party, though! I think Mandy enjoyed it. I am sure Dodger did, and Bernice, too.

That cake was wonderful, and so easy. I'll have to post the recipe at my blog.

Dantallion said...

A home baked cake for the doggies...

This post makes me want to ask both you and Marc:

"Will you be MY Daddies?"


Greg said...

Perhaps its the still photos, but it looks like everyone was pretty mellow and well-behaved (what, no funny hats!?), which I think is unusual for a doggy party.

Still, how sweet to bake them their own guys are good daddies...

Greg said...

Happy belated birthday, Mandy!!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Awwwe so so cute, and the dogs are cute too! ;) Haha!

With those shiny coats they look well loved, I like dogs about that size. I take it they are mixed breeds but do you know what kind of breeds are in your dogs?

Jess said...

Bokey: Yes, post that recipe!

Dan: I think you know that answer! ;)

East Coast Greg: Yes, they were pretty well behaved. And I actually suggested hats to Marc, but we didn't have any on hand! :)

West Coast Greg: Mandy sends her thanks!

STIM: Yes, they are mixed, and yes, we do know. Bernice is a mix of Doberman and Shepherd. Mandy is a mix of Lab and... okay, we're not sure what she's mixed with, in her case. Theories abound, including golden retriever, rottweiler, bull terrier (but we really don't know--she's just a big mush... a moody big mush, but a big mush). Dodger is a mix of beagle and shepherd. Sorry you asked? :)

Lee said...

Aww! Cuteness!

Happy birthday, Moose!

Patrick said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! Yes, she is always quite a lady, or at least a princess, but when you're that pretty, why shouldn't you be? Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

ATG said...

Too cute!
Unforch, Marley and Max read your blog and guess who has to bake a cake soon? oy!