Monday, June 30, 2008

Striking out with Irish canines, too

After the beach cows, we got back on the road and soon found yet another beach! It looked nice, so we stopped briefly.

The bistro looked interesting, but we weren't hungry at this point.

I was on a walkway above the beach, taking a few photos, when I saw someone walking on the beach.

See her there? In the bottom right?

Here's a better look.

She came up the stairs to the walkway, so I thought I'd get to say hello.

I said hello, but she went right past me.

I usually get along very well with animals, but I was striking out on this day! Neither bovine nor canine felt like chatting.

Hey, what's over there across the road? Across from this beach, can it be more... ?

Yes, it's a field in Ireland, so there are cows!

On the road again!

Fields seen from the car

More from the car

The car in this photo gives you an idea of the size of the road. Click on the photo (or any of the photos) for a better look.

That road isn't even that bad. We dealt with smaller ones, and at least that one didn't have stone walls on both sides like so many of them!

Next up: Aughnanure Castle, a friendlier dog and a territorial horse.


Greg said...

At least it appears that car is small enough to fit on just one of the "ruts" of the road...or is that an optical illusion? Even without stone walls, it doesn't look like there's anywhere to go!

Matt said...

Great pics, Jess! I love the narrations that accompany them.

The black and white dog is beautiful. Do they usually let their dogs roam around like that?

MzOuiser said...

So... what do you do when you meet an oncoming vehicle? Drive over him? Does one of you have to back up for 3 miles?

ATG said...

Maybe the dog only spoke gaeilge? ;)

Jess said...

Greg: There really isn't, but at least roads like this made me feel that there was somewhere to go if it was the only choice other than a head-on collision.

Matt: Thanks. I'm glad you like them! Yes, the dog was very pretty, and there did seem to be a lot of dogs off their leashes, but it may just be the ones we saw walking around. Others probably are safely in yards and homes.

Ouiser: Maybe not 3 miles, but in some cases all anyone would be able to do if both cars had entered a stretch without seeing the other is back up.

ATG: I hadn't thought of that! Could be! ;)