Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day Two

Our first full day in Ireland, and things went much better. I called Byrne last night, and he gave me some guidance on how to find the sports fields, so that made things easier. When we got there, the guys guarding the entrance were turning away non-players from the parking lot, due to limited space. I explained that I was the team photographer for the Gotham Knights, and he let us in.

We were there for about 6 hours. You've never seen so many gay hotties in one place. Wow! Yes, I took some shots, but I tried to concentrate on rugby, rather than acting like an SLR-wielding sideline-stalker! :) Still, I'm sure I'll have plenty to share after we're back home. Not too many, since I am trying not to take so many that I'm editing photos for weeks. Even so, plenty for sharing and blogging purposes.

We did a bit of sightseeing late today (after rugby), driving past a few Dublin sights. Eh. Tomorrow is the last day of rugby, and then the sightseeing begins in earnest on Monday.

Between hours of marching up and down rugby pitch sidelines and the effects of jet lag, we're exhausted. Even so, it's natural to feel tired at this point, and this was a good day.

One other thing: the weather here is ridiculous! Was it sunny? Yes. Was it cloudy? Yes. Was it completely overcast? Yes. Was it too warm for a jacket? Yes. Was it so cold you couldn't stand out without a jacket? Yes. And did all of this happen in the space of an hour? Yes.

I've known places with weather that changes fast. A number of places even have a local joke about waiting briefly if you don't like the weather, because it will change (and I think the locals of the cities where I've heard this always think it's a locally grown witticism). But this is the first place where I've seen weather that can completely change character in a matter of minutes! I don't know how people plan for any activities here. I would need to take a jacket and umbrella everywhere I went!


CoffeeDog said...

Your comments about the weather cracked me up!

Greg said...

Gods, it's like EVERYONE's hometown thinks they invented that thing about waiting for the weather to change if you don't like it.

Glad Day 2 was better!! Can't wait to see your pics! ; )

Matt said...

Have a great time with the sightseeing on Monday!!

d. chedwick said...

I've spent a good chunk of my life in Ireland, not so much in Dublin as up in the north where the weather is nearly always chilly and rainy. It doesn't do to leave you rain togs in your hotel room!

Patrick said...

Ah yes, the constantly changing weather in Dublin... and if you get out to the west coast, it changes even faster. Once, during a ten day period I was out there, I saw at LEAST two rainbows every day.

Sorry you got off to such a rocky start, but I'm glad things are picking up.