Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Six

We drove everywhere. If it's a town in Ireland, we drove through it today.

Okay, maybe it just feels that way.

The major stop du jour was the Waterford Crystal Factory in, by amazing coincidence, Waterford. First of all, I'm not paying to go see a factory so I can then buy your stuff. Ain't happening (and remember, kids, ain't ain't a word!). :)

We checked out some of the stuff for sale. Neat, but no bargains to be had there, no matter what the tags said. So we took some photos, and one of us will post them eventually.

The driving was hideous. Did I mention that?

One last note, not from today. I meant to post this over the weekend. The River Liffey runs right through Dublin. Along its banks are flagpoles. Decorations there are high profile. Think of it like Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

This weekend, there were quite a number of large rainbow flags and banners announcing the Bingham Cup, or, as was said many times on mainstream radio stations this weekend, "The Gay World Cup of Rugby." It was so nice to see all of those flags. The Bingham Cup was in New York two years ago, and I didn't see any mention of it anywhere in the mainstream media. There sure weren't rainbow flags on Fifth Avenue, but I'd pay good money to see one flying across from St. Patrick's Cathedral!

On that note, my husband seems to be feeling frisky. So I will end things here. After all, if I'm ever going to get him pregnant, I have to keep trying! ;)


Greg said...

Oh, frisky, huh? It must smell of roses there in Ireland, too.

~Jason G.~ said...

I'm back to blogging.. come visit the new blog I started now. lol xoox

Jess said...

Greg: I don't need an excuse! ;)

Jason: I'll be glad to follow your new blog!