Friday, June 27, 2008

Irish Beach Cows

What? You've never heard of beach cows? Here's the thing: everywhere you turn in Ireland, there are cows. Other farm animals, as well, like sheep and horses, but nothing in the abundance of those cows! In addition to beach cows, we saw mountain cows in Ireland (like mountain goats, but cows... cows on the side of steep hills). :)

During our travels, we found our way to a few different beaches. Going along skinny, little roads, we found the narrow beach you'll see below. When we got there, as you will see, we found a beach to our right, a narrow parking lot and a field to the left. There being a green field, and this being Ireland, cows had been placed on it. As I told Marc, I wonder if there may be more cows than people in Ireland. Seriously! I may have to poke around online and look for an answer.

So here are some photos of the beach and cows...

The parking lot, with beach to the right and field past the wall to the left.

And here we first spy the beach cows.

I seem to have captured the interest of this cow.

We say hello.

A profile shot; and notice the fancy earring!

And then I apparently said something wrong. Let the stampede begin! (Okay, a small stampede.)

Run away! Run away!

My new friend ran, and so the others followed. I guess they were worried they might miss something!

And now, a beach shot.

And one more.

Okay, that's it for today's post!


Matt said...

Great pictures, Jess!

I like the closeup of the cow -- she was coming to say hello. They are pretty gentle creatures, except if they have a calf with them. Then they can get a little protective like any new mom. My grandpa had a dairy farm upnorth and raised Holstein's (the black and white cows).
The beach must have been amazing to see in person! :)

ATG said...

Beach cows?! That's crazy talk!

She was quite lovely.

Jess said...

Matt: Thanks. Yes, they seem to be gentle in general. Far from the brightest animals, but relatively harmless in most instances.

ATG: Crazy talk, is it? I think I even saw some cow-size surfboards at one end of the field! ;)

Wayne said...

you guys are so weird. One has flower fetish and the other is into Cows.

Never less, cow rulez.

Greg said...

They had beach cows on Maui, too! Great photos.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Very cool. But when I first started reading this post I thought you were heading toward those giant fiberglass cows that artist's painted and were stationed all over the city a few years ago. Your cows are much cooler.

Greg said...

Oh, you left too soon!!

How disappointed your new bovine friends must've been when they returned to the shore, all clad in their special udder-friendly bathing suits.

Jess said...

Wayne: We're just fun. Okay, maybe a little eclectic. :)

Greg: Thanks, and I may have to check out beach cows the world over!

Todd: Yeah, I like them. They seemed nice, even if we didn't understand each other.

Greg: You're probably right. We should have spent more time with them!