Thursday, June 26, 2008

Onward through Ireland

Next stop... Galway! Yes, all the way to the west coast. It looked like a nice, short drive (a few hours), but we didn't count on the sucky roads and ridiculous traffic.

Anyhow, here are some photos.

A roadside place we stopped at for lunch on the way to Galway. They had good fish & chips, but I think they're a chain, unlike the local pubs which were one source of good, reasonably priced food at other points during our trip.

One of the gazillion stone walls in Ireland

A marina in Galway

Processing scrap in Galway (nothing but the best sights on this blog!)

An establishment down by the docks

This swan was convalescing with the help of some local people who came by the feed it while we were there.

The swan was mellow with me, but it stood and spread its wings to drive off another person who came by later. I guess it liked me. :)

I love the colors of the houses.

More multi-colored facades in Galway

Love this little boat

Marc waiting for me in the car as I take some photos

BTW, in that last photo, Marc is in the passenger's seat. Remember, they have that bass ackwards car thing there, driving on the wrong side, etc. :)


Greg said...

I love how the facade colors of those dockside Galway houses match the colors of the goose(or was it a swan). Any idea why it was convalescing? You're lucky it liked you.

ATG said...

It's cool they were taking care of the swan.

I love the look of that establishment on the corner.