Thursday, April 26, 2007

What a difference!

Today I was asked to come into the conference room for a meeting. When I walked in, I found every member of the department already in there. The walls were adorned with signs...

Welcome, Jess!
We're so happy you joined us!
Welcome to HR!

It was a surprise party to welcome me aboard!

I was floored. What a wonderful surprise!

They had cookies and fruit, and they gave me all kinds of stuff--a windbreaker, a blanket, a second blanket made for picnics (it's made to roll up small and has a nylon lining on one side to keep it dry), a t-shirt and some other items, all bearing the hospital logo.

It really made me feel great!


Will said...

Good news--your enthusiasm comes through in your writing.

PatCH said...

Wow. That's cool. :-)

Jeff said...

Wow, now that's a welcome! Great to hear things are going well.

Andy said...

Shoot, I am just *NOW* getting caught up on my blog reading after the adventures of the past two weeks, so I've missed all the excitement! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That was fast. Some luck! If you have any left over, can I have some?

Dantallion said...

Given what you've had to deal with before this, I'd say that this was well deserved. Congrats!