Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This probably says something

As you, my loyal readers (the few of you there are), know, I recently had a brief stay in a job that was bad news.

Now I'm in a new job. This is my third day in the job.

At the old job, in four weeks there, I never got around to putting diplomas, photos, etc., on the wall.

As I said, this is day 3 in the new job. My diplomas are already on the office wall, as are a few photos. I guess, deep down, I knew the old job never felt right. I never was comfortable there.

It's too early to really know how this job will work out (again, just day 3), but it sure feels right!


Dantallion said...

Enjoy it for everything it's worth. I'm really, really happy for you.

about a boy said...

dammit dantallion you beat me to it!

congratulations and enjoy!

Big Al said...

Great news! Hope it continues to go well for you.

Jess said...

Thanks, guys!