Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's quiet... too quiet

Okay, so I sound like an old Western, but I don't have a fort. Besides, the Native Americans got screwed so I'd rather side with them.

Anyhow, the real point is that things have been rather quiet this week on the job front. I went on a first interview on Monday and was hoping to hear something soon, since there was someone I was supposed to meet Monday who was out (so I just met one of the two people). So I figured I'd at least get an e-mail saying he was sorry he missed me but would like to reschedule. Alas, no e-mail as yet. Hmmm. Well, for all I know, he may still be out.

Also, there haven't been a lot of ads posted.

I take that back. There have been plenty, but very few were worth a response.

Then it occurred to me. It's a holiday week. We're in Passover--for those of you outside of New York, Jewish holidays do matter a bit here as far as the pace of business--and then tomorrow is Good Friday, and Sunday is Easter. That always seems to slow the pace of things. So I really shouldn't read much into it.

Still, it's hard to relax, even though we're pretty safe financially. Marc and I are pretty good savers. Not that I don't wonder if we'll ever have enough to retire! That's another story. What I mean is that there's enough put away so that it would take a long time before we'd be in real financial jeopardy. Plus, Marc is working, although he rebels whenever I mention his supporting both of us in perpetuity. ;)

With that said, I just hate being unemployed. If nothing else, I hate spending our savings. I'd rather see it grow, hoping that the aforementioned retirement will become more of a possibility before we're in our 80s. Even if we choose to keep working when we're "senior citizens," I'd like to have it be because we chose to, not because we have to.

Yes, I'm overreacting. A short period of unemployment won't cripple us--but that's my intellectual side talking. Emotionally, it's tough!

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