Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yay! The annual gay bloggers get together is on!

This year's GB:NY will be on Memorial Day Weekend. Some e-mails were exchanged today, trying to figure out the schedules of a few key participants.

After some figgerin' (sorry for the technical terminology) and an excellent suggestion from Byrne, we've decided that our regular suburban contribution, the GB:NY Barbecue, will be held on Memorial Day.

I had been planning to try to set it up on Saturday as usual, but the schedules were a little tight this time, since I'd already heard that Mark and Brian probably wouldn't fly in until Saturday and we love having them as part of the barbecue crowd. Not that we don't like seeing lots of the other bloggers come out here, too, but Mark and Brian are real GB:NY anchors. Plus, we hardly ever get to see them, since they live half a country away!

Then came Byrne's excellent suggestion--hold the barbecue on Monday. The fact that it was Memorial Day weekend had slipped my mind. I didn't even think of Monday!

So it's on, and I'm thrilled! Should be fun! I hope you'll all be able to attend! :)


Andy said...

Damn. I'll have to start a GB:PDX, if there isn't already such a thing. Please have a drink (or 7) and flirt shamelessly in my honor.

about a boy said...

i do love me some bbq.

Zeitzeuge said...

We're excited as hell to be there and see you all!

Jase said...

ah haa... :)