Sunday, March 25, 2007

A dream to drive

What the sophisticated unemployed man drives...

Yes, Friday's events notwithstanding, we went ahead and picked up my new car yesterday. The monthly payment isn't much more than the Explorer anyhow. Besides, I'm an optimist, and I'm sure something else will come along before I have to resort to escorting to make some money. ;)

The car has been every bit as wonderful as we expected. Our short test drives didn't tell us enough about what it would be like to drive on the highway. So that's what we did first. It was good timing, since our Korean tailor was in town. When he visits, he camps out at a hotel in Westchester, and we make the drive to see him. It's about 40 miles each way--not too far, but enough to get a nice first drive. Jeff came with us. He came out Friday and stayed over, going with us when we picked up the car.

Marc drove on the way back from Westchester, and it's a drive he usually hates (because of some of the PITA connections, turns, etc., close to and in NYC). Well, this time he loved it, despite the annoying moments on the roads. He raved about the car--how it handled, how the ride felt like it was gliding across glass, etc.

So we're quite happy. Today we went with Jeff to one of our favorite spots, Robert Moses State Park on the westernmost part of Fire Island. After that, we went to Smokin' Al's Barbecue, probably the best barbecue place on the Island. It was wonderful, although our waitress was in over her head (it was just too busy, and she wasn't a good multi-tasker).

After the meal, we drove Jeff past the nearby LIGALY Center, so he could see where that is (it's one of our favorite local charities), and then we took him to the train. Now we're back home, just relaxing.

I hope you all had a nice weekend!


Cooper said...

I'm more a truck kind of guy, but that's a very nice car.

Dantallion said...

I'm a 4x4 guy myslef, but I have to say: Very nice ride.