Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yes, she was that special

Today, I was going through some mail (we get way too much, and I often have to spend some time on the weekends sorting through it and throwing stuff out). One piece of mail was the monthly newsletter from our town library. On the front page is an announcement of their annual concert in honor of my Mom (she was in charge of community services at the library).

I wish you all could have met her. She was an amazing person. I guess it says something that they're still running the concerts "in honor of our beloved Marilyn" three years after she died, with every intention of continuing them every year.

Honestly, the announcement of this year's concert is heartwarming. Then I went into the kitchen to show it to Marc. That was good, too. I felt good. And then I turned to our eldest dog, Bernice. Bernice and my Mom were quite taken with each other. I turned the paper in Bernice's direction (no, I don't think she can read it) and said, "Bernice, did you see this about Grandma?" With the word Grandma, her whole face fell. She looked so upset, and I felt my own pain come surging back. So then I went to pet her, and we comforted each other.

But I think that's the real tribute. Not the concert. The fact that the mention of my Mom to Bernice, someone who has now been gone for a third of Bernice's life, still hurts. I guess it says something for Bernice's sweetness, too. Whatever it says, our sweet dog sure brought me back down to reality!


Jeff said...

How sweet. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Eric said...

ok, so I know it hurt...but that's the sweetest darn thing ever that your dog remembers your mother. Just the sweetest.

Jess said...

Jeff: Hope your weekend was good, too.

Eric: Yeah, I know, and she's a sweet dog. I think part of it was that I wasn't ready for that look of hurt to wash over her face. So that then hit me.

MzOuiser said...

Beautiful post, Jess. Much love to you.

Dantallion said...

I can't believe I missed this post! Extraordinarily beautiful, Jess.

PS: Word verification was Zasnezen. Kinda fun to say, that.