Saturday, September 15, 2007

More rugby photos

As always, click on these for larger versions...

That was a "try," the rugby equivalent of a touchdown.

This is the guy who scored that try (although he's clean-shaven now)

And this is his boyfriend (you can also see him in that last photo with the ref)

Rugby is a great game, but being the photographer for a gay team makes it that much more fun. I just wish we could make it to more of the post-match drink-ups! :)


Smurf said...

I have to confess that I hate sports of all kinds but I love photos of guys in shorts!

Sangroncito said...

my "blog skills" are rusty...let's see if I can fix my blogger name! Now that I'm using wordpress instead of blogger I'm confused! (I'm sangroncito, not smurf!)

pinknest said...

now that looks like fun!