Thursday, September 06, 2007

He'll never change

I just read that our illustrious President said to the Australian Deputy Prime Minister, Mark Vaile, when Mr. Vaile asked about Iraq, "We're kicking ass." Well, how regular guy of him.

Will this man never display any class at all? Is Mister Nookyoolur's vocabulary so stunted that he can't speak to world leaders more eloquently than that?

There's no reason to be surprised, after living with this laughingstock as President for six-and-a-half years, but I really wish he'd make more of an effort. The damage this man has done to the reputation of the United States is beyond measure.

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Andy said...

No...better yet was when he told the President of South Korea that we are still at war and when Mr. Roh asked for clarification on the US policy, Bush said, "I can't make it any clearer." The man's diplomatic skills are...incomparable.

Oh, also apparently he thought he was at "OPEC," not "APEC." Can't he please just have another snack-related mishap and put us out of our misery?