Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm going to Disneyland!

No, I didn't win the Superbowl. That's not until the winter anyhow... and won't you all be surprised when I pull off my come-from-behind win? :)

Yes, I'm really going to Disneyland, but it's for a conference. The conference runs from tomorrow until Tuesday. Then I'm hopping on another flight and heading to Portland. Marc's going to fly to Portland (very late on Tuesday) to meet me (while our wonderful friend Jeff housesits and keeps the pups company).

In Portland, we have some plans for Wednesday, and then we're planning to meet up with Andy, Toddy, soon-to-be-birthday boy Pony and possibly some other Portland locals. It should be a fun visit, although we'll only be there for a few days.

In the meantime, I think I need to share more rugby photos!!! :)

I can watch this man all day. He definitely gets filed under "yum!" in my book.

A head shot of the same guy. The smirk just adds to the attraction!

And now, for those of you who like big, strapping huge-muscular-thighs rugby boys

A now-getting-rather-grimy Aussie

And he scores!

And he's off again! The boy clearly has stamina! *pant* *pant* :)

Okay, that should do it for now. If you want to see the full set of photos, go here.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


Cooper said...

Oh, too bad you're not going to be in Portland at the end of October. I'm there for a forestry conference from Oct 23-27th. Do you read Lewis from ? He's an awesome man. I'll be getting together with him sometime when I'm there.

When you scroll through those rugby pics really fast it's like looking at a mini action movie ... lol :)

Greg said...

Argh! You leave on Tuesday?! I will be at Disneyland on Wednesday the 3rd to celebrate my b-day!

Jess said...

Sorry, guys. I'd love to meet both of you! And Greg... so close! But yes, I head out midday tomorrow (Tuesday).

Will said...

If by any chance you do met Lewis while you're in Portland, please give him a hug from Fritz and me. He's going through a bad patch recently and he nooed our support. Thanks!

Jase said...

Nice work!

Wanton Wonton said...

damn, they're some sexy mofos on those teams!