Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's wrong with people?

This morning, I was again reading about the battle in Massachusetts to try to get rid of same-sex marriage. I just can't understand why so many people feel so threatened.

The Bible says...? Well, no one is asking you to have same-sex marriages in your church. What we want is legal equality.

The one that really burned me up recently was a guy I saw on TV who said that our having survivor benefits, etc., would be too much of a burden on the system. I see it the other way around. I know Marc and I each earn more than most American families (but we live in New York, so we stay poor anyhow). I want all of those straight families to stop leeching off of OUR tax dollars!!!

Too much of a burden on the system? Hey, asshole, I pay taxes, too! Plenty of taxes! Who the fuck are you to stand in the way of my partner of 11 years getting benefits if I die? Who is anyone to say he can't visit me in the hospital? How dare these people!

I used to be somewhat indifferent to this issue. I figured civil unions might be fine. But not now! Now I'm pissed, and I'm going to support gay marriage, just to piss off the narrow-minded bigots!

BTW, we will win this battle. It may take time, but the outcome is clear. One day, all of these people will be seen in history as what they are. Serves them right!


Alan said...

Preach it brother!

What I've never been able to figure out about all this is just exactly why anyone (other than us) cares. Maybe it's the Oprah-ization of America, but really, why should anyone on Earth care if I'm married to my man? I couldn't care less to whom they're married. So why do they give a good gosh darn what I'm up to with my life?

Burden, yeah, right. We've had domestic partnership benefits at the U for years and only a very tiny minority of people take advantage of them. AND I pay taxes on them as a benefit, unlike a married het. couple, so I actually contribute MORE (which probably goes to put their offspring through Headstart, or school or whatever.)

Cincy Diva said...

The habg up is the word marriage. Marriage is a spiritual bond and should not be controlled by the government even for heterosexuals. Domestic partnerships should be the rule for all.
Then...if you both choose and find a church that is willing...get married.
As long as we are demanding the right to get "married" we are going to have a fight on our hands.

Jess said...

CD: Despite my anger, I might agree, but there are a few problems with that. One is that these same people have made sure to take steps to deny us equal rights, even under another name. Another problem is that marriage isn't just a religious institution; it's a civil one. So if it's a civil one, recognized under law without regard to a person's religion, then we should have the same rights to it as the straight people whose kids my property taxes are putting through school.

R2K said...

People Suck!

epicurist said...

I am totally with you on this. Living in Canada and having these rights is an eye opener, especially when I hear the stories and experiences of other countries and the struggle for equality. You are right though, the time will come when we will have full equality. But it takes voices and intelligent opposition to reach that goal.

Andy said...

Jeez, Jess, I thought you were smarter than that.

Look, it's very simple. Legal recognition of same sex marriage means that heterosexual men everywhere will instantly, as in *poof*, lose all interest in vaginas, especially in any sort of long-term, procreative, monogamous relationship with one. I mean, if gays can marry, why bother having a kid? Why not just do what you've always wanted to do, and sit on your ass all day long and play Mortal Kombat while eating Ritz Crackers topped with marshmallow fluff and washing it down with Mountain Dew. I mean, if same-sex marriage is legalized, I don't understand how you can not see that the human species will become extinct and civilization itself will utterly collapse. I mean, isn't it obvious?


Jase said...

for realz.

I think changing the word 'marriage' in every legal document in the US to read 'civil union' would be hell of a lot easier.

In your religion/church/eyes of your god you'd be married - in the laws of the land, you'd be in a 'civil union'.