Sunday, July 30, 2006

The real Mel Gibson stands up

Now we need him to go away. Hey, Mel Gibson, fuck you!

I had long suspected that he was a gay-hating anti-Semite. While this weekend's news doesn't address his homophobia, there's no question about his anti-Semitism anymore. Go to hell, you disgusting bigot!


germanicus grandus said...

how blind are you.Israel says:"If there was no Hisbollah there was no bombing.We defend ourselves".Said yesterday.
I,MelGibson and the whole world has a RIGHT to say:If there were no jews there was no conflict.They only want war all the time,dragging their fucking bible out.The Palestinians DEFEND themselves since 1948 against the supression,injustice,massacring by the JEWS.
This now is only the consequence of Israels' NAZI like behaviour since 1948 towards the Palestinians.

Jess said...

Another hate-filled bigot heard from. Pathetic.

Christopher King said...

Mel on Jews is one thing. It is okay to criticize aspects of any religion or politics with which you have issues as long as you are principled about it -- which he certainly was not.

And preferential treatment by the police in Mel's case is yet another issue:

Peace my friend.

And as I see you are into Human Resources, check out how backwards American Tower Corporation is off the link "cluterf*ck" right here:

Andy said...

Dear Mel Gibson: I am really angry at you. "Sugar-Tits" is my secret name for my good friend Stephanie. (Her secret name for me is "Ginger Balls.") You stole it. I want it back, or, at least give me credit for the phrase, you Jew-hating, Bible-manipulating, washed-up hack of a bad actor who was never that cute to begin with.