Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Trying to find the will to post more photos

It's time to get this show back on the road. The problem is that it's a bit miserable here. Our central air conditioning isn't working. The company that installed and maintains it was out yesterday, but it couldn't be fixed then. It had frozen up and had to defrost.

So they'll be back tomorrow to get it working again. In the meantime, it's hot and humid.

Yes, I know. Most people in this world live without central air. Fine, call me spoiled, but it's not an easy adjustment!

So now I'm going to go sulk (and have something cold to drink). When I can find the will to Photoshop more trip photos (to reduce each one's resolution) and post them, I will. Promise!

1 comment:

Wilde said...

Freezing Temps. Rainstorms. November. I can stand 'em all, just not HUMDITY. I can relate!