Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Okay, on with our trip. The next stop was London. We took Marc's mom to the London Eye, a first for me and Marc, too. Basically, it's a huge ferris wheel. It takes you up about 400 feet, providing great views of the city (limited primarily by the thickness of the day's air).

The line for the Eye

One of the compartments in which passengers ride

The Millenium Bridge (I think)

Marc and his mom enjoy the view


Looking up the Thames

I don't remember what this is

That appears to be St. Paul's in the middle of the photo.
I blogged about it during the trip.

One of the other compartments with Parliament behind it

As the ride nears the end, an announcement comes on that a photo will be taken, in case anyone wants to mug for the camera (which you can see here outside the compartment). After the ride, there's an opportunity to buy the photos for an exorbitant price.

After the London Eye, we hopped onto one of London's double-decker buses to head to our next stop. A bit on that next time.


El Güero said...
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El Güero said...
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El Güero said...

ugh..computer problems..once again:

I love the London Eye and London, too, except for the prices.
And by the way, this is my new blog...(Sangroncito)

Knottyboy said...

And to think that this was to be dismantled after the festivities of 2000. I'm so glad to see that they didn't and you and Marc and mom were able to enjoy it.

Greg said...

The London Eye looks like an incredible adventure, seeing all of London from a bird's eye view. Nice pictures!

CoffeeDog said...

OMG that thing would probably freak me out, looks interesting though

PatCH said...

Lovely, lovely pics, as usual. Nice colours, depth of field... Evocative. :-)

Wilde said...

God, I love London. This makes me miss it all the more. A British friend of mine just moved back there and I told her I might show up on her door and never leave. Looks like you're having a blast.

coolbuddha said...

"I don't remember was this is"

It's Charing Cross station. For some reason it reminds me of the fighting machines in War of the Worlds. I'll go now...

Jess said...

Thanks, CB!