Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The times they are a-changin'

Willie Nelson recorded a song called, "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)."

It really says something when a major artist records a song like this, especially someone who has a major "middle America" following.

The progress that has been made in recent years is almost too much to be believed. But it's real, and I'm glad to see it. It must drive the bigots crazy! :)


Cincy Diva said...

Not to mention the fact that he wrote that song like 20 years ago. Yay for keeping it and finding the courage to finally let it be heard

Alan said...

I don't think he wrote it... Not sure who wrote it, but I've got a Pansy Division CD from about 15 years ago that has it on there. Pansy Division isn't exactly mainstream, I guess. :)

epicurist said...

I didn't know about that song. How interesting. Thanks for that tidbit of trivia.

MzOuiser said...

Ain't it cool!

Tee Hee. Guys named Willie make me laugh.