Sunday, February 26, 2006

Changing of the Guard at Windsor

Owww! I stepped on a nail!

What's the smell? Somebody's been messing with our drumsticks!

Check out my sword! Wanna pet it?

Those guns aren't just for show, are they?

Look how fast we can make our sticks move!

(All of) The Boys in the Band

Hi, mom!

Firing squad gets ready to execute the tourists

Whose sword is bigger?

More marching boys with guns

"No, I don't have one of those big guns, but I'll let you wear the hat!"

So do you feel like you were there? :)


Andy said...

Oooh, the boy in the center foreground on "More Marching Boys With Guns" -- ouch! *panting noises*

RJ March said...

I was there almost exactly a year ago-- it was fucking freezing!

Jess said...

Andy--we must find you a man! You poor boy. *hug* *grope*

RJ--it was pretty cold when we were there, too. It was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit--which didn't seem too bad--but the dampness made it downright frigid. The cold air cut right through us.

epicurist said...

Deliciously appetizing. yum yum. Will Marc serve one of those boys up for dessert?

Dantallion said...

I know all the pomp and circumstance makes us laugh sometimes - but I have to admit, I love the formality of it all.

(which makes me wonder if I've got a bit of a master/slave thing going on)

Bruce said...

Funniest captions of the week!

Kiss My Mike said...

Props to the captions! Funny!