Sunday, March 08, 2009

Well, isn't that just f*!#ing fabulous?

Bernice has been wearing a t-shirt since her surgery, tied at the back to keep it tight and help keep her away from the wound. Also, she has been wearing her cone (that the vet calls an e-collar... but it's a plastic cone that surrounds her head).

Today, we decided that it was time to wash her t-shirt. So we took it off and also took her cone off. Yup, you guessed it. She only had a few minutes, but she managed to pull out a few staples and make a bloody mess.

We're kicking ourselves, because we knew we had to be careful since she wouldn't need long to do damage, and we managed to give her that chance anyhow.

We cleaned her up, put some antibiotic ointment and a large bandage over the part she damaged, as well as putting her cone and t-shirt back on, and then we called the vet. The answering service got him on the phone, and he said to drop her off in the morning, so they can fix the damage. There goes more money out the window!

This isn't easy. But it's worth it if the big goof is okay in the end. That is, if we don't murder her first!


Patrick said...

Oh LORD. Hang in there, you guys. Sounds like all three of you could use some painkillers and maybe a sedative or two.

Joey7777 said...

Hey, maybe that's a good sign that she's feeling good enough to have enough spunk to pull the staples out.

Jess said...

Patrick: Thanks. Some sedatives would be lovely about now.

Joey: I'd like to think so, but Bernice will chew herself up, even if it creates a medical disaster. If her head were stapled on, she'd try to pull those out!

Greg said...

Children are always getting into trouble of some sort. I'm glad she's doing okay, though.

ATG said...

Sedatives for Bernice...or for you and Marc? Oy.

Poor Bernice.

MzOuiser said...

What Patrick said. Staples!! I remember my cat chewing through stitches, but staples!? Bernice is one tough cookie!