Saturday, March 14, 2009

Someone explain how the GOP supposedly has the moral high ground

Statistics demonstrate that the divorce and teen pregnancy rates are highest in the "Bible Belt" states. I always found that to be quite illuminating. It also makes me want to tell all of the "sanctity of marriage" hypocrites to worry about their own corner of the world and stop trying to dictate how everyone else lives! By the way, all of you people worried about our undermining marriage, Marc and I--who aren't allowed to get married in this state and aren't recognized as a couple by the federal government to which we pay a ton of taxes--will celebrate 14 years together this summer.

While we're on this subject, let's all take a moment to share our respect for the sacred relationship of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. I'm sure you'll recall these two fine young people. While the American people were asked to stomach the idea of Sarah Palin being a heartbeat from the Presidency, these two were dealing with the results of unsafe sex. But who could blame them, when people like Bristol's brilliant mother think "abstinence only" education is the only way to approach sex education. Yes, that works great. Don't teach them about condoms and safe sex in general. Instead, tell teens who are discovering how much fun they can have with each other that they should just say no to sex. Uh huh. That should work great. Clearly, it did with Bristol and Levi.

Of course, I'm biased. Sarah Palin, and her glorification of the all-too-widespread contempt for education, science and intellectual achievement, represents a political mindset that I find repulsive and counter to the best interests of our nation.

So anyhow, let's take a moment to admire the love and commitment enjoyed by Bristol and Levi. What's that you say? They split up? They're not going to get married? Shocking! How can that be? Straight kids from a conservative, Republican upbringing getting pregnant and not even marrying to try to legitimize things after the fact? Amazing!

Hey, Palin and the rest of you "conservative" cretins, clean up your own act before you presume to tell me how to live!


ATG said...


(And yay to you guys for 14 years!)

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

You tell 'em Jess!

Footed Pjs said...

There have been enough people on all sides of the fence that have destroyed the sanctity of marriage. Not just the GOP.

Marriage is more a government entity that it is a religious or spiritual one.

So, in my own attempt at destroying beliefs of old I will offer my services to you and Marc if you two are ever allowed and want to get married. Of course, if you'll have me. I have performed a wedding before and apparently quite good at it. I did it for friends last year and they had members of their families ask me if I was available to do theirs.

Jess said...

ATG/Pua: Thanks!

Footed: True, not just the GOP, but they're the ones most obsessed with our bedroom, it seems. But I got that out of my system for now, so I won't rant anymore. :) As for your offer, I'm truly honored, my old friend! Thank you!