Saturday, March 21, 2009

The expected response

As predicted, Amazon's representative, having no grasp of social responsibility and throwing out the red herring of "censorship" provided the predicted response:

Thank you for writing to with your concerns.

I understand that you feel very strongly about this issue.

Let me assure you that does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts; we do support the right of every individual to choose his or her own reading material or entertainment.

As a retailer, our goal is to provide customers with the broadest selection possible so they can find, discover, and buy any item they might be seeking. That selection includes some items which many people may find objectionable. Therefore, the items offered on our website represent a wide spectrum of opinions on a variety of topics. believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles because we believe their message is objectionable. Therefore, we'll continue to make controversial works available in the United States and everywhere else, except where they're prohibited by law. We also allow readers, authors, and publishers to express their views freely about these titles and other products we offer on our website. However, doesn't endorse opinions expressed by individual authors, musical artists, or filmmakers.

We value all feedback from our customers, and I thank you again for taking the time to send us your comments about this issue. Although we won't be able to comment further on this topic, we hope you'll allow us to continue to serve you.
(I added the underline.)

Then, being the cooperative type and reacting pleasantly to their "we won't be able to comment further" (translation: fuck off), I sent a follow-up note, saying that I understood their position and would appreciate their pointing me to their hardcore porn, as I can't find it on their website.

Since they don't sell selectively based on content and it's legal for me to order such material to be sent here, it must be on their site. For some reason, I can't find it. I'm sure someone at Amazon will be annoyed by that one. Well, too bad.

There's no excuse for selling how-to materials on dog fighting. None whatsoever. It is a cruel, illegal activity, and the fact that the sale of material on how to do it isn't illegal is a sad excuse for what they're doing! The government banning the material would be unconstitutional censorship. A responsible retailer refusing to sell it isn't. This isn't political speech. Neither is it art. I realize I'm tilting at windmills, but "if our cause be just..."

Okay, I'm done with this topic, barring anything new coming up. I don't want to bore you even more than my posts usually do!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


booradley said...

Amen, brother! Excellent points!! The whole argument of "censorship" is a crock of ****. Would they feel just as justified in selling a book called "Child Fantasies --Musings on How to Seduce Girls Under Age 5"? After all, just thinking about it isn't illegal! Just as you say, a "responsible" retailer would not sell this crap. It can't be a significant contribution to their bottom line. I haven't bought anything from Amazon in about 3 years because of their stance, and even canceled my Amazon Rewards credit card.

Jess said...

boo: Exactly! Censorship is a very dangerous thing, but it doesn't apply here... and your example is perfect! (BTW, I love you name. That was a great book/movie!)

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

So proud of you Jess. You know that I couldn't agree more. This is about responsibility and accountability, not censorship. Well, for Amazon, it's about money. Between the lines of their b.s. response, that's all I see.