Sunday, December 21, 2008

The years race by

No, this isn't more about Byrne's 40th birthday. We'll get back to that.

Rather, today I was reminded of the years' passage in another way. On the day I finished the last final (Criminal Law) of my first semester in law school, I headed to the courts to touch base with the judge for whom I had interned during the summer between college and law school. I really just wanted to tell him that I had the first semester under my belt and chat a bit. As I was parking my car, I heard on the radio that a Pan Am 747 was missing and feared down over Scotland.

Later, it would be determined that the aircraft, Pan Am flight 103, had been brought down by a bomb planted by terrorists acting on behalf of the Libyan dictator, Muammar Qadaffi (who, by the way, remains in power and free, despite his extraordinary crime).

Today, news broadcasts reminded us that 20 years have passed since that day. I remember with sadness the loss of all those lives. But it also serves as a marker. I know exactly where I was when I heard, and so any mention of the bombing reminds me.

To the real point of this post... I finished my first semester of law school 20 years ago today. How did 20 years slip by so fast?

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