Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a weekend!

I'm tuckered out! :) Yesterday, we ran a bunch of errands, including going car shopping. My car's lease is up in a few months, and the dealer's already trying to get me to sign up for another Volvo. I might do that, but I wanted to shop around first. The three likeliest choices are another S80 (what I have now), an Acura TL or an Infiniti G35.

So we went by the Acura dealer and the Infiniti dealer. The Acura is nice, and it's still in the running. But the Infiniti was quite impressive. It was comfortable and lots of fun to drive. Then we can talk about the G37 coupe, but I don't think I'll be buying one of those. It's not as roomy as the sedan--and not as practical--but the thing is a rocket. Not that the sedan is a slouch with its 306 horsepower engine!

I still need to see what Volvo has going now. The S80 has been tweaked, adding features like standard bluetooth, as well as a more powerful mid-range engine. Then we have to compare pricing.

Anyhow, we finished our Saturday car shopping and then headed for the train. Patrick had arranged an amazing birthday celebration for Byrne's 40th birthday. The party was held at the amazing loft apartment of amazing caterer and chef Catherine Schubert. It was a terrific (thought I was going to say "amazing" again, didn't you?) evening for a wonderful friend!

Then, on too little sleep, we got back on the train this morning to meet Patrick and Greg for Sunday brunch. No, not that Patrick and Greg, who have been mentioned in so many posts over the years here. And no, not Patrick from last night. This is another of our friends named Patrick. Specifically, this Patrick and this Greg. This weekend, Greg is in town for a wedding, and his birthday was this weekend, too.

So we took both of them to brunch at the Marriott Marquis. Their Sunday champagne brunch, in the revolving "rooftop" (actually, 47th floor) restaurant, appropriately called The View, is a wonderful festival of food and lovely views of the city. We had a great time, pacing ourselves (because it takes a lot to get anywhere near one's money's worth at this place!) and enjoying three hours of noshing and enjoying good company!

I didn't bring a camera this morning, but Greg did, so I'm hoping we'll see some photos on his blog once he gets back home.

I did, however, take some photos last night (with the help of Patrick's lovely boyfriend who borrowed the camera for a bit), and I will share some of those when they're transferred off the camera.

Now I need to relax! We didn't do a lot that was productive this weekend (well, a few loads of laundry and some other chores tonight), but I've had enough for one weekend! :)


Ben said...

Really had to just post this one... something to consider:

Tuna Girl said...

It was great to see you guys this weekend. Wasn't the party amazing? :-)

Greg said...

I seem to be running just about exactly a week behind in my blogging...which means I should be blogging about last Sunday's delightful experience with you guys tomorrow! I did get some great pictures, though!

So, just how many Patricks and Gregs do you know?