Saturday, December 06, 2008

Miscellaneous food-related photos

I shot a few photos as Marc and Byrne prepared our Thanksgiving meal, but I never got around to posting them. So why not now?

Byrne prepares part of the pumpkin torte--egg whites that get folded in

Marc prepares stuffing

Dodger stands by, in case his help is needed

And I also have a few photos from today. Marc tried a new salmon recipe, and it was wonderful! First, we see Bernice keeping an eye on things. By the way, the cone is because she keeps biting one of her flanks and has torn herself up. So we're treating the spot and keeping her from doing more damage...

The glowing eyes are from the flash

And here are two shots of the salmon Marc prepared...

It was made with a small amount of brown sugar and olive oil, plus cumin, cayenne pepper, dry mustard, garlic salt, chili powder and black pepper. It was terrific! My man sure can cook!


BDS said...

Jess, I bet that Salmon tasted great! It looks delicious

Happy Holidays,


Jess said...

Thanks, Ben! We can make some when you pay a visit, if you like!

ATG said...

I love Byrnes' shirt.

That salmon looks sooooo good!