Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yom Kippur

In reviewing the Yom Kippur prohibitions, I see nothing that prohibits blogging, so I'm going to distract myself from my aching stomach for a few minutes by writing a post.

According to rabbinical teachings, the customs of Yom Kippur prohibit five things:

-Wearing leather shoes
-Sexual intercourse

That's the list. Some Jews who are very observant (pretty much the opposite of me) won't use any modern convenience on this day. Actually, even though my parents were Reform Jews (the other end from Orthodox), we always walked to temple on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

So, regarding that list, I'm only observing two of the five. I'm not eating, and I'm not having sex (not even solo, and that's a sacrifice for me!). Actually, the prohibition technically applied to intercourse between a man and a woman... hmmm. Nah, I think even a gay man's approach to sex has to be out today! As for the other three:

Drinking: My blood pressure runs a little high, so I take medication for that. As such, I have to drink water, and I am allowed to do so under Jewish law. Health issues always come first.

Bathing: That's not a custom my parents ever observed, and I have no intention of starting! I can't believe there is anything the Almighty wants of me that requires me to offend the olfactory senses of my fellow humans (and myself).

Wearing leather shoes: If I had any shoes that were completely leather-free, I'd consider it, but I'm pretty sure that there's leather on all of them, including my sneakers.

I never work on Yom Kippur, but I will transact some business on this day. For example, I just wrote a couple of checks to charities, and I'm also paying for a new tree to go in front of the house. An observant Jew wouldn't do that today, but that's not me.

For any of my fellow Jews who are relaxed/non-observant enough to be reading blogs today (like me) but observant enough to fast today (like me), I wish you an easy fast!


Greg said...

Perhaps you can justify the purchase of the tree as a beautification/improvement of the world...or you could name it in someone's honor...?!?!

You'll have broken fast by tomorrow evening, I'm hoping? Do you guys like Chinese food, BTW?

ATG said...

I hope your fast was an easy one.

My x-hubby never did any of it besides the whole taking the day off of work thing...

DWQ Online said...

You can't eat? That sucks. I need holidays like that. However, I don't know if I could astain from self-sexual intercourse.