Monday, October 20, 2008

I know I've been quiet

Thing is, my 'puter died. Well, my laptop 'puter died. It has been repaired many times, and it has died again. This time, I'm not fixing it.

I normally don't buy extended warranties, but I did when I got the HP laptop (purchased through Micro Center). It's a good thing! The laptop was expensive, and the repairs were big. In its lifetime, it has needed a new screen, new motherboard and new hard drive. So the extra for the extended warranty paid off in a big way.

Now that the extended warranty is done and the computer is over 4 years old, I have given in. I ordered a new laptop from Dell. It will take a couple of weeks for it to get here.

Since I usually do my blogging with the laptop, its demise has limited my blogging a bit. But since I'm downstairs at the desktop computer (the one with lots of horsepower that I use for all of my photo work), I figured I'd post something.

So how about more Cape Cod photos before I go back to rugby?

First, some shots of the room in our lovely B&B...

The bed. Always essential for a nice vacation!

Marc in the sitting area, in front of the fireplace

A spot to sit by one of the windows

Part of the bathroom (you can see the jacuzzi)

And now let's get out a bit...

A beach where we stopped with Patrick. This is where I took the photo of Patrick and Marc that was in the prior post.

Marc outside the Wellfleet Candy Company

Marc took us on a tour of Cape Cod candy stores. Wellfleet--coincidentally, in the town of Wellfleet!--was his favorite.

Inside Wellfleet Candy Company, we could watch the candy being made.

Marc and the owner, comparing notes on candy making techniques

Patrick chose some items to sample

There were many fabulous things to eat. These people knew their business! Just looking at these photos of the candy is making my mouth water, as I remember how good they were...

Another enjoyable stop was Arnold's, a local favorite. Don't let the photos of the menu fool you. While it mentions grilled food, etc., I didn't see a bit of it. Everything anyone gets there is deep-fried...

Patrick waits for his order

Wait! This is quite a find! There, on the end of the tray in this next photo, you can catch a glimpse of Arnold's food that isn't deep-fried...

Yes, it's a lobster roll! (Well, part of one.) And wow, was it overpriced!

The rest of the food

Can you say "coronary blockage," children? I knew you could!

Okay, the clam chowder wasn't fried, either. But that would be a neat trick!

Now, back to the room...

Our little balcony where we would have coffee every morning

Our view of the back yard

That's all I have from the trip. I didn't take a lot of photos, but it really wasn't that kind of trip. I hope you liked this post anyhow!


Tuna Girl said...

I'd eat fried clam chowder. In second.

I've alwyas wondered what those littel B&Bs on the Cape were like. Now I know.

tornwordo said...

B&Bs are always decorated so girly. And I want to eat like you guys do. So cute, that Patrick.

Greg said...

Second that, Torn.

At first I was amused that Marc and Jess had gotten the sweet room with the purple theme...but eventually was wishing that a few of those wallpapered walls were a solid color instead.

Lovely pictures, as always, Jess!!