Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The weekend

We had a lovely time on Cape Cod. We got to meet Greg, and we also were joined there by Patrick. We had fun enjoying the great outdoors, had a lovely stay at a local bed & breakfast called the Whalewalk Inn and ate some tasty, if mostly unhealthy, food. We also found a candy company that got the Bokey seal of approval. That's not easy to do, so I will include a link to the candy company's website: The Wellfleet Candy Company.

We had a lovely weekend, but now it's back to life as usual. And that's fine. As much fun as it is to spend time with friends (and meet a new friend whom we'd previously known through blogging and e-mails), it's nice to be home with the pups. Getting home is also a nice reminder that I love my life here with Marc. Traveling is fun, but it's important to remember that we have many blessings!

I know you're probably wondering why I'm not including any photos. Well, that's simple. I haven't taken them off the camera yet! :) I didn't take a lot of photos this time--it was mostly a trip meant for pure relaxation--but I soon will share what I did take. Just give me a few days!


Greg said...

I bet those pups WERE thrilled to see you...I'm a little embarrassed I didn't send you over to the Cape Cod Dog to get them some fancy bakery cookies before you headed home.

Great to meet you both--for holographic representations, you are both quite delightfully detailed in your programming. ; )

Jess said...

Greg: The tough part isn't the hologram itself. It's the force fields to make it feel like we actually are giving you a hug! (For anyone scratching their heads, it's a running joke with us. We had discussed finally meeting, so we all would know that our counterparts aren't Internet fictions, after some of the recent blog frauds! So then I told Greg we really are fictional characters and use high-end holograms when we have to appear in person.)

Greg said...

And it's amazing--they really do look and feel quite real!

; )

ATG said...

Sounds like a really great weekend. :)