Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where were the trucks?

We've known that snow was coming. Not a lot of snow, but it was predicted to be messy. Snow (a couple of inches), followed by mixed precipitation and then rain. I was at work until almost 7pm. The snow had started 4 or 5 hours earlier.

With such a small amount of snow, the roads should have been fine. It's too little for the plows to do much good, but sand and salt would prevent accidents and potentially save some lives.

Sadly, the roads were a mess and I only saw one truck the whole way home. Come on! How can they have dropped the ball? I used to work in government. I once oversaw all personnel for a 15,000-employee county, and I remember what we did when a storm was coming (or even might be coming). The short version: we had the plows and sanders rolling as soon as the snow started to accumulate.

This was pathetic. At least the rain that's supposed to start overnight should wash it away. Hey, it just clicked! Those idiots are planning to just let the rain wash it away. Why pay extra staff to drive trucks, if the rain is coming? Isn't that great? It's going through an ice phase now. I hope no one gets killed while these idiots save a few bucks on overtime.


ATG said...

Well Jess, we are in a recession... ;D

Dantallion said...

yeah, they've been treating us to that kind of nonsense as well lately.. This morning's drive in on the highway: 4 inches of accumulation, no trcuks to be seen, and accidents everywhere.

Cooper said...

If they resorted to that policy here, quite a few more of us would be dead. Unfortunately, your district will do what they can get away with ... that is, until someone is killed and it makes the news. Horrible.

Please, you and Marc be careful and keep safe.