Sunday, February 24, 2008

This and that

A brief note on politics: by the time November comes, I will be so nauseated by the candidates that I will wind up voting for the lesser of the evils. I remember a time, years ago, when I found such things interesting and exciting. Now, seeing the self-serving hypocrisy of most of the players with greater clarity (and/or greater cynicism) than I possessed in my youth, I find the prospect of happily and wholeheartedly supporting a candidate on the national stage an exceedingly unlikely one. No doubt, I'll hold my nose and pull the lever for the person least likely to trample our rights (read: the Democratic candidate), but I won't bring the same enthusiasm to the process that I once did.

On a happier note, one of our stops today was the mall. I continue to be amazed at what type of man may be called "dad" these days. None of the dads looked like that when I was a kid! Nowadays, it's like a DILF smörgasbord. Not that I'm complaining!

By the way, you may recall from my last post that I mentioned our having a lovely time when Patrick visited us. I kept the description brief, but I hope that didn't make the event seem anything less than wonderful, because it really was wonderful spending time with him. With that said, he has put me to shame with the recounting he posted. Feel free to wander over for a look, complete with a spooky picture of Mandy. :) And Patrick, please come back soon! You're a wonderful guest, and I'm happy that our friendship is growing!

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Dantallion said...

Yeah, I'm wth you on the increase in apathy towards political candidates. I don't think it's because the candidates themselves are necessarily bad, I just think the system is broken, and is more condusive to a circus act than anything else.

The visit with Patrick sounded absolutely wonderful, which surprises me not-at-all.