Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Where should I start? No idea.

My mother-in-law was practically suicidal in her approach to traffic in Milan and Paris. Granted, that's not hard to do, considering how people drive in those cities. But when we got to London, we really were on edge. Now the traffic would be coming at her from the opposite direction!

So far she hasn't gotten herself run over, although last night held some adventure. She loved the place we took her for dinner. In the middle of the road, she decided she needed to turn around make note of the name of the restaurant, so she'd have it for her journal. When we looked back (our mistake to let her fall behind) and saw her there--with traffic approaching--we both yelled, and she scurried to safety. How she lived this long is beyond me, but someone must be watching out for her!

Other than that, she's starting to adjust to life on the road (after a week and a half). She actually showed some smarts in navigating her way out of the London Underground today (too long of a story for here, but we were proud of her).

We've spent frightening--but not surprising--amounts of money, but I don't think we'll have a single regret. She'll always remember this trip fondly. That's already clear.

We bought ourselves a few gifts, as well as some for our nephews and niece. Also, we bought a good friend a gift, but that's a secret for now!

We've been less successful on the postcard front. We sent a couple, but I couldn't find the address of a certain blogger (who might possibly go by "Coffeedog"). So she was kind enough to e-mail it to me. I'm waiting on one more piece of info (sorry!!! Chalk it up to early senility!), and then I can send the card. (Update: she sent the info. Thanks!)

Marc is making notes, so he should have plenty of blog fodder of his own when we return. He'll even have lots of photos from the Canon camera. I'll share a few from my SLR, too.

Okay, he just questioned me about sitting here writing a blog entry, so I'll wrap it up. After all, his mother is tucked safely in bed (well down the hall this time, thank you very much--not that we'd ever let her hear a thing, Ms. Tuna!), and we need to get back to our room and continue our efforts to make a baby!


Will said...

The really nice part about gaybois trying to make a baby is that they invariably fail and just have to keep on trying again and again.

Sounds like a great trip--I'm happy for you.

Knottyboy said...

God it sounds like me mindlessly looking around in Praha. Head in the air and mouth openin awe as traffic flips me the bird for being a dumb-assed tourist. LOL At least she'll be a happy gal in traction. You guys have fun fun fun. Kisses to you both and I'll catch up with you when y'all get home.

Greg said...

Remember, when you ship the secret gift home, punch some holes in the box and make sure he has plenty of food. Or you'll have a cranky go-go boy on your hands.

Lee said...

Well, if you do land being successful in the baby-making dept., imagine how Mom-in-law is going to take that news! ;-)

Sounds like a good trip so far!

CoffeeDog said...

Oo I can't wait to see pics!