Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Leaving Milan shortly

First of all, to Epi for his last comment... :P

I mean, I can at least check e-mail and leave a quick post! I'd head your way to give you a spanking after you got home, but I think we'd both enjoy that too much! ;)

For your information, young man, we've been enjoying the sights. We've seen lots of things, including lots of Italians who are quite easy on the eyes. Really! Of course, I knew that I'd see handsome Italians here, but the sheer volume of drool-worthy boys is staggering.

Speaking of such things, I'm happy to report that having my mother-in-law in the next room hasn't cut into the vacation fun. In fact, my honey has been quite frisky. We've just had to be quiet! ;)

Today, we take Marc's mom on a train ride through the Alps to Geneva. It's an area I've never seen (none of us have). I saw some of the Alps from the plane and also the foothills of the Alps when we were at Bellagio (Lake Como) on Monday, but I'm hoping that this will be quite stunning.

Lots of fun, so far. More when I again find a few minutes at an Internet cafe somewhere. Photos will have to wait until I get home (need to put them on the computer, sort them, etc.). Actually, nothing too stunning so far. At least, I don't think so (again, I really need to see them on the computer). We shall see.

Bye for now!


Sangroncito said...

Don't forget to take some photos of those hot Italian guys!

Jeff said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! Happy travels!

Tuna Girl said...

May my son never take me on an Italian tour and then blog about having sex in the next room!