Thursday, March 23, 2006


There's a long version of this story, but I just don't have the time or energy now. Sorry, kids!

The short version: a number of us senior management types at the hospital have started doing yoga together. It's just an occasional thing (every two weeks), as of now.

I had no idea yoga was so hard!

I should have known. If nothing else, I knew that this cutie has done a lot of yoga, apparently finds it quite fulfilling and has used it to tone up. If he uses it to tone up, it has to be more than stretching!

Well, I can use the exercise. Actually, at this point, I feel pretty good, although I'll admit to a few moments during the session when I wondered what I'd gotten myself into!


joey said...

Yoga. Hmmm. I'd rather someone just beat me with a stick. Much quicker, and just as much pain.

Marc said...

Yoga is incredibly difficult but when I can actually bring myself to go, I really enjoy it.

Knottyboy said...

I always thought that dong yoga well enough would allow me to "service" myself. Sadly I guess you're not supposed to do that in class. I haven't been back since.

Andy said...

Oy, I've been sadly out of practice. I should get back into it, it's incredibly beneficial and it might help subdue this urge I have lately to smack people around.

I, also, had no idea yoga was going to be difficult. I thought it was just like stretching and silly poses. I didn't realize the endurance that it requires...I was absolutely shocked after my first class that I was dripping with sweat!