Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blog? What blog?

Yeah, okay, I have a blog, and I've been a bad, neglectful blogger. Sorry. Sometimes life is busy, and I'm just not up for blogging by the time I get home.

Fortunately, I have something nice to share. As my millions of fans (okay, so there are three of you, and you barely tolerate me--allow me my fantasy!) know, I do photography for the Gotham Knights, the NYC-based gay rugby team. (I should note: I have reason to believe that one of the boys whose photo I'll post below isn't gay. As sad as that is, he has a right to his strange, girl-loving practices. ;) I just thought I should mention that, lest I misrepresent a young man's sexuality. Unlike many straight sports teams' view of gays, the gay guys on this team welcome everyone.)

The actual season isn't until later in the year, but there are events and matches at this time of year, too. The first of them was this weekend. Saturday, when I should have been at home trying to recover from a cold, I was instead out in the frigid weather, taking pictures. In the end, I'm none of the worse for wear, so I guess it was okay.

If you'd like to see the full set of photos, they're here.

From that set, here are a few shots (as always, click on each one to see a larger version):

Okay, if you want to see the rest of them, I'll let you follow the link I put near the top. I hope you like them!


epicurist said...

Life does get busy. We won't hold it against you. I, too have been busy and know how hard it can be to squeeze blogging into it. BTW, Great pics!

Tuna Girl said...

It looks freaking cold out there!

I love the expressions on the guys' faces.

PatCH said...

Nice (*ouch*) pictures!

joey said...

Wow. Hot. The pics are great - if it had been me that had taken them - everything would be a blur.

Greg said...

Nice pictures! And thanks for the kind wishes about my Grandma.

Sangroncito said...

great pics!