Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wichita visit

We went to Wichita for a couple of reasons. One was a family reunion for Marc, and the other was to catch up with some friends.

I took some photos during the trip, but I have yet to find the time to go through them and upload some. Not that there are many--it wasn't that kind of trip--but I just haven't found enough time to go through the few that I took.

For now, I have a photo of one of our hosts. We spent much of our time with our friends Brad and Bob, but the photo isn't of them. They're pretty cool guys, but the photo is of the coolest guy at their place. His name is Vincent, and he's quite the cool cat. ;) Here he is...

Notice something missing? From the top of his head on one side? Hence the name.

He's a real character. At first, he was a bit standoffish. You know, kind of like a cat. Then, while I was sitting beside the pool, he came over and let me scratch him. After I did that for a little while, he reached up and grabbed my hand with his paws, keeping his claws retracted, and began licking my hand. It was a very nice "thank you." The problem is, when I played with him later, he got friskier and then there was some claw action. He didn't leave a scratch, but I could have lived without that! :)

No, I don't have a photo of the pool (it's a big in-ground pool that was lovely on a hot day) or their fabulous house. I was more focused on relaxing than documenting the visit. The guys are great to hang out with, and I hope they know how much we appreciate their hospitality. All in all, it was a great visit! Thanks, guys!


Greg said...

Cats are funny like that. One minute all cozy and sweet, then out come the claws. I have scratches from our own kitty to prove that.

Will said...

"he came over and let me scratch him."
Don't you just love how cats "allow" you to do their bidding, "permitting" you to scratch and stroke them, "putting up" with your every attention?--all the while letting you maintain the fantasy it was your idea to dance attendance on them in the first place?

When my cat flops on the floor and rolls on her back appealingly to have her tummy rubbed, I can stop any time I want to--I really can.

Billy said...

Thanks for reading/watching my blog! I really appreciate that. Love the cat, and that behavior is pretty typical. Mine can be the nicest animals in the world one minute, then the next want to play and scratch up my arms and hands. After a while you begin to know and understand them though. Almost like they are little tigers ;) And I've learned how to deal with them playing around. lol

Greg said...

Teh Kitties just love you, don't they, my friend? Hope you had some Benadryl!

: )