Friday, July 03, 2009

Worth reading

"Confirmed: God is slightly gay
Just ask the animals. As soon as they stop having all that homosexual sex"


Michael Vernon said...

This is eye-opening to me. I don't say this to be blasphemous, but I believe we were endowed with brains to use them and question things. So my question is this: if we are created in God's image, could it be that God really is just a little bit gay?

Jess said...

Michael, if God exists and God is good (both of which could be discussed and debated, of course, but let's take this from the point of view of one who believes for these purposes), then God's word should be trusted. The problem is that Christians (and Jews and Muslims) haven't been following God's word. They've been following what other, deeply flawed, self-serving human beings have told them is God's word. That makes all the difference.

If God is good and God is love, do the fire and brimstone rules make any sense? If He made us, He made us with our flaws (if they are flaws). If He is love, He understands that. So how does the religious nonsense make sense? It doesn't, but saying so threatens too many people, so there's a long history of "heretics" (you know, people who had the nerve to ask logical questions) being destroyed. None of this is God's love. Neither is condemning us for being gay any part of God's love or God's work. It's man's self-serving bigotry.

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Greg said...

Awesome story. thanks for pointing it out!!