Monday, June 01, 2009

Out Idol

Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth (LIGALY) runs an annual competition called Out Idol. There's a similar competition on television--if you've heard of it, you may know that it's a singing competition, as it Out Idol (on which the TV show is based, if I'm not mistaken). ;)

We have been judges at the competition for a number of years. I'd like to say it's our excellent ability as judges of singing, but I suspect our giving money to LIGALY and their parent, the Long Island GLBT Services Network, probably doesn't hurt!

This year, there was some serious competition. Usually, we get a couple of decent singers, as well as a group of nice kids who aren't going to be turning out albums anytime soon. This year was different. The three finalists all were excellent. The winner had an off night, but he still did great.

Unfortunately, the only video of it was taken with a little handheld camera, and it doesn't pick up the sound too well at points (watching the video, our winner doesn't sound nearly as good as he did in person). Even so, this gives you some idea of his sound.

It doesn't hurt that Jimmy's a good looking kid (too bad this doesn't get close enough for you to see his beautiful blue eyes). I suppose it also doesn't hurt his allure that he's reporting for duty with the US Marines in July (yes, he's a gutsy kid, especially since he's sticking his neck out beyond the way Marines usually do--the venue for this competition should explain that well enough). But he really won because he has a terrific voice.

And if you're at all interested, if you watch to the end, you can see me and Marc. I speak third and Marc is fourth.

When we tallied our votes and the audience votes, we were in a dilemma. We had the unusual situation of, in effect (the math is a little weird), a tie for second. Jimmy had won and the other two singers were in a tie. What's funny is that Jimmy wasn't always an audience favorite and apparently took the "tie" the wrong way. He thought the other two were tied in a way that left him in third. Then a friend of his in the audience says, "you won!" (you can barely hear it in the video), and the look on his face is priceless. Take a look...


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Jimmy's adorable. But I must say, I wish that in all the years that my girls were performing, I wish that you and Marc had been judges. You really took the time to talk about strengths, and nuances, and even to give critique on where improvements might come (and you did that with love and thoughtfulness). I couldn't help but smile. Good job to everyone!

Jeff said...

Everything about this is so lovely! Thanks for sharing!