Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rugby today

If anyone will be near Danbury, Connecticut, this afternoon, the fields at the Mill Ridge Primary School will become rugby pitches for today. In the meantime, I will share some photos from the tournament last week in Lido Beach.

Time with Marc and me regularly includes hearing one of us say, "look at him!" After all, looking is free! :)

The above photo is of Eric. He's a member of our team, and he's an all-around nice guy. Aside from that, he did something that really made me admire him. For more, go here.

Bug, the dog of one of the players

Bug and the boys playing between matches

For the full set of photos, go here.


Greg said...

Gosh, rugby players are great to behold (or held, I suppose), eh?

And that guy with the hair was definitely worthy of two shots!!

CoffeeDog said...

Cute dog!

kurt said...

i don't know how you contain yourself around these men! good lord.

Matt said...

Great shots, Jess!

The photo with the two Rugby players rolling around with the pug - all kinds of awesome.