Friday, May 09, 2008

More rugby photos

Tomorrow, we have a rugby tournament (so I'll have photos to share next week). And tonight, I am going to be a judge at LIGALY's Out Idol competition. Marc normally goes, too, but he has a business function tonight. So I am flying solo.

Before I go, I have time for a quick post, so I will share more rugby photos from last week...

A handsome spectator

That can't be comfy!

This guy was huge. Way over six feet and had to be 250 pounds or more (and he was quite solid).

If you want to see all of the photos, the full set is here. Enjoy!


Matt said...

I bet it's fun being a judge at an Out Idol competition. It's really great how you and Marc give your time to support causes like that.

Again, great photos!
p.s. Do you know if the guy in the second to last photo is single? :)
The guy in the last photo's not bad either, except he's on the opposing team.

Jess said...

Thanks, Matt. Yes, it's fun to do that, although the kids really weren't doing well this week! (Actually, this one good looking young guy sounded good--he's about your age--but he was the only one!)

I don't know if that guy is single. As for the guy in the last photo, I think he's straight!