Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend recapitulation

Here's a review of our weekend in photos (as always, click on them for bigger versions)...

The U.S. Marines put on a show in our local park. Eisenhower Park, part of our county park system, is bigger than NYC's Central Park. So it was easy to find room for this show.

Those helicopters are BIG!

A helicopter gunship flies over

The helicopters landed, and people were allowed to look inside them

We didn't tour the helicopters. Instead, we said hello to the Marines, shaking hands with this handsome young man...

Then we decided to walk around the park and visit some of the permanent memorials there. First, our county's 9-11 memorial. Our county lost over 340 people in the attacks, and I think this memorial was nicely done...

The Nassau County 9-11 Memorial

A piece of steel from the World Trade Center towers

Names of our neighbors who were lost that day. We looked for one name in particular. Nearby, another man cried as he touched his fingers to a few names grouped together.

This is a good one to click for the larger version, so you can read it (the same goes for the other plaques).

I think this rendering of the shells of the towers is a classy way to remember the loss.

One more look at the Memorial

We went on to visit other memorials in the park, dedicated to those lost in wars going back through American history. But I think we'll now move on to happier things.

Patrick came out to visit. That's always a fun thing, in and of itself. But we wanted to have fun with him, so we pointed the car east, first stopping at Flo's Luncheonette in Blue Point, then heading to Pindar Vineyards for some wine tasting, and finally stopping at Robert Moses State Park, so we could walk on the beach and Patrick could wet his feet in the ocean.

The boys in Pindar's tasting room

The tasting menu

They go through so much glassware that they have to have dishwashers right there and going constantly

Today was a day of relaxation here at the house. Some outdoor time, some indoor, lots of good food and good company (Patrick really is a pleasure to have around!)...

Mandy basks in the sun in our back yard

Marc spent a little time tending to his Earthboxes

See how he likes when I sneak up on him with the camera?

One of the bits of beauty Marc has planted and tended in our yard

Suddenly, Mandy's attention is drawn to something important

So she goes off to investigate

And what was she investigating?

Runoff from the watering! At least we know Mandy will keep us safe from it!

Back inside, Patrick did his stretches. The man is VERY flexible! I always liked men who could bend so well! ;) And his being on the floor thrilled the kids...

Bernice had to go share some love

After that, Bernice took a break on the couch, with her blankie as a pillow

That's it. We had a fun time this weekend, and I hope you all did the same!


d. chedwick said...

Wow--you really did a lot this weekend! I ought to plan a busy weekend like that! maybe for the 4th of July.

I like how you documented the whole thing! well done!

Jess said...

d. chedwick: Thanks! We had fun!

CoffeeDog said...

I sort of had to giggle at the army guys playing attack in the park...kinda like how Mandy protects you from dangerous water, the army was in the park looking out for terrorist grasses.

Our weekend was quiet. Saturday we went to the lake w/friends. Sunday went to the neighbors for a cookout. Yesterday I studied :-(

ATG said...

Man, that sounds like a great weekend. Your hubby looks really cute in the annoyed-at-the-paparazzi picture.. :)

Greg said...

That's a beautiful 911 memorial. I like the way the steel outlines of the towers look a little glassy at a distance.

Special guest star: Patrick! So nice of you to get him out of the hot city for the weekend--looks like you had fun, too!

Someday I want some earthboxes...they rule.

Jess said...

CD: Well, they were showing off for the taxpayers. Besides, a few of them were cute, and that never hurts!

ATG: He always looks cute to me (but I admit to being biased). :)

Greg: Yes, we had fun, and Marc loves his Earthboxes, too. You and he should compare notes sometime!