Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend festivities

We did the uncle thing yesterday. Our nephews, Owen and Quinn, had their annual joint birthday party. Their birthdays are in March and May, so their parents rent a place in April and have one big party.

Since they're 3 and (almost) 5 years old, the venues for these events tend not to be the kind of places adults particularly enjoy. Yesterday, it was a "kids' gym," full of tumbling equipment, things to throw, etc.

The kids had fun, we helped spoil them and it was mercifully short. There were people there to coordinate the activities; among them was a young man who I enjoyed watching as he helped my nephews and the other kids. Of course, I enjoyed watching him because he was so good with kids. Yeah, that's why. ;)

See how helpful he is? Mmmm. Yeah, beautifully helpful.


Continuing to be deliciously helpful!

(I'm not going to put a face shot. I have some discretion!) :)

And now some photos of the honorees...

And their sister...

How about that for a look?

That's about it for this weekend. Nothing too exciting, but it was pretty relaxing.

If you want to read about (and see photos of) some of the hard work Marc has been doing in the yard, wander over to his blog. He did two posts this weekend, including lots of lovely photos.


kurt said...

ok... yumm! LOL
and your nephews are so cute. :)

d. chedwick bryant said...

she has that "i'm busy" look...

nice pics and I love the names Owen & Quinn. nice!

Jess said...

kurt: Couldn't agree more!

dcb: Actually, I took several shots of her. I just loved the look she gave me in that one! Thanks, and yes, I like them and their names! :)

Tuna Girl said...

Your niece looks like you!

Sometimes the "helpful young men" are the only thing that keep this parent from going insane. (Especially buff, yummy, wet swim coaches.)

ATG said...

What a good helper he is!!!