Monday, March 17, 2008

I would have seen the movie anyhow

I'm not a hard-core Trekkie. I'm not the type who watches for Trek conventions coming to town. Still, I like Star Trek, and I look forward to new movies coming out. So I already planned to go see new movie, due out next year.

Today, I was watching an episode of CSI:Miami when I noticed a hot young actor and went online to find out his name.

Screenshot from the CSI episode

Looking up the episode, I found that the actor's name is Chris Pine. So then I was wondering if he's the son of Robert Pine (Sgt. Getraer on CHiPs). He is. After that, I noticed that he is going to be the young Captain Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie. Well, that does it. I'm going!

Look at those eyes! He'll make a yummy Starfleet officer!


Naked~N~Exposed said...

He was in that movie with Lindsay Lohan "Just My Luck".. he is a hottie. YUM!!!!

Cincy Diva said...

to boldly drool where no one has drooled before!

Dantallion said...

Set your phasers to "Stunning".

(Ok, that was truly awful, and I was as embarrassed as hell just typing it - and rightfully so. Christ, I need to go drink some beer, scratch myself, and ogle some large breasted women. I wonder if 7 of 9 is available?)

Jess said...

n~n~e: He sure is. And welcome to my blog! Thanks for commenting!

cincy: Very good. :)

Dan: Oh, it wasn't that bad, but I like picturing you a little embarrassed. I bet some blushing looks good on you! BTW, good taste. If I were straight, I'd go for 7 of 9. ;)

Marc said...

Cincy and Dan, I laughed out loud over your comments. Dan, don't be embarrassed, I thought it was quite apropos!