Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another fun weekend with friends

Friday night after work, I picked up Jeff at the train station. He helped us spruce up the house a bit and assisted Marc in some important liquor consumption. (Those boys do know how to mix some fine drinks, and a visit from Jeff is enough of a reason to make a couple.)

On Saturday, we were joined by Patrick and, a couple of hours later, by David and Robert. Before they arrived, I had a fire going in the fireplace. I also had purchased 3.565 pounds (hey, that's what the scale said! *g*) of salmon. That evening, as everyone enjoyed drinks, I prepared the salmon while Marc prepared a fabulous dijon cream sauce to go over it. He also prepared a terrific green bean dish (I'm not a big fan of green beans, but these were terrific), garlic bread and a homemade cheesecake for dessert. He made the cheesecake without sugar, so I could stick to my low-carb diet, and, at least to me, it tasted like a wonderful sugar-laden cheesecake. Isn't he a good boy?

We had a great time with everyone, and the evening flew by. Around 11pm, David and Robert went home. Then we watched MadTV. After that, Jeff and Patrick headed to their rooms. Yes, Cooper, he was in his own room! We didn't drug him and drag him into ours! ;)

This morning, Marc made a quiche for Jeff, Patrick and himself, and he made a crustless quiche for me. Then we went to Robert Moses State Park on the western end of Fire Island. It was chilly today, but I thought it would be nice to go for a drive in the sun and a stroll on the boardwalk. It turned out to be too cold and windy to really enjoy it, but I'm still glad we went.

After that, we came back to the house for a little more quality time with the pups before taking the boys to the train.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Mandy decided that Patrick looked lonely in the chair

When Robert was leaving, Mandy had to give him an appropriate goodbye

The boys enjoy quiche this morning

Mandy is very subtle. Also, note Dodger sneaking in from below!

Some of the native wildlife at the park paid us a visit

Aren't they pretty?

The four of us on the boardwalk. The ocean was pretty, of course, but it was so cold out!

A shot of the park from a prior visit, with the Fire Island lighthouse visible. Even though I didn't shoot this today, it gives you a better view of where we went.

All in all, an excellent weekend with wonderful people!


Greg said...

Mandy seems to love the camera...and the attention. :-)

tornwordo said...

One day, I want to come to camp jess. Looks like cozy and fun!

Dantallion said...

Again, beautiful photos of what looked like a really wonderful time.

Jess said...

Greg: Oh yes, she does.

Torn: You'd be welcome! Just tell us when you'd like to visit!

Dan: Yes, we had a nice time. We're looking forward to your visit! :)