Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Photo delays

I was involved in a presentation at the Bar Association last night, so I didn't get to do any photo editing then. I thought I'd have plenty of time tonight, but the phone was ringing when I walked in the house. It was my brother. My sister-in-law needed to go to the hospital. So I went to take her while he watched the kids until someone else could get there (their grandmother, specifically).

As you may recall, she had a C-section three weeks ago. Since then, she developed kidney stones. She was doing okay until today, but tonight she wound up in excruciating pain, was throwing up, etc. So I took her in. She'll be okay, but a blast of Dilaudid followed by a blast of morphine, both injected right into her veins, wasn't enough to completely knock out the pain. Normally, that's about enough to knock a whole football team on its collective ass, so she's in a lot of pain. Anyhow, they're taking care of her, and this will pass (literally) soon. I waited for my brother to arrive, and then I came home.

Anyhow, by the time I got home, a little while ago, it was too late to start with the photos. So I have to make you wait a bit longer for rugby photos.

Okay, I have some done, so here are a few to hold you for now... :)

But the rest will have to wait!

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Lee said...

Er...could you wrap up and send me the guy in the middle of the top photo? Thanx!