Saturday, October 20, 2007

Last week's rugby photos, continued

(Always remember: click on any/all of the photos for a better look.)

Note the leg tattoo, for those of you who like them. (As I recall, it continues on his side/back, too.)

The ref signals that he has scored another

Celebrating the win

Farewell from one of our favorite Aussies :)

Next up: some shots from last week's B-side match.


Hot Toddy said...

Last night at CC's was Jock Night. We had some rugby guys there along with our softball teams and the ridiculous volleyball team in their lycra short shorts. Wish you could have been there to see it!

ruggerjohnnyd said...

Jess... thanks for all your pictures... the guys really appreciate all that you do for us... hopefully you will be the team photographer for the METNYRFU Div III Champions after next week.

Can you find Montclair?

A personal thanx for all the pics of my favorite on the team ;-)