Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to a very special young man

Suppose I told you about a smart, handsome 25-year-old gay man who lived an independent life until he met two young boys who needed a home. This young man could date other guys, unencumbered by parental responsibilities, and enjoy his youth, as most like him would do.

But these two boys, age five and one, needed a foster home, and this special young man couldn't keep from sharing his love and his loving home with them. Six months later, as this young man is turning 26, these two very lucky boys are seeing their foster dad turn into their real dad, as their adoption is finalized.

A young man with the option to just have fun and think about himself instead dedicated his life to two little boys. It has made his life tougher, but I know he feels much richer for it.

I have gotten to know this special man through his blog, through e-mails and, recently, through some chatting. He's really amazing.

I'm talking about Cooper of Cooper's Corridor. Tomorrow is his birthday. So please join me in wishing him a very happy birthday! You can follow the link to his blog and leave him a comment (or go into his profile and send him an e-mail).

He's one of the people who really gives me hope for mankind!

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Cooper said...

Thank you, Jess. This was so sweet of you. I am very moved by your kindness and generosity. I think you and Marc do your own share of making this world a gentler, more loving place. *hugs* from me and my little guys.